Local Cultural Events

Local Public Holiday in Monemvasia on the 23rd of July each year, commemorating the Sea Battle which took place in 23 July 1821 and the liberation of the town from the Turks. This is an impressive event during which a boat is burnt on fire and the celebration ends with music and fireworks.

Ceremonial Sheep Haircut followed by cooking, eating and dancing.

Local Trade Festival in Krissa during 6-12 September where meals of braised goat and wine are offered.

A Wine Festival is organised at the end of July in Sikia.

Just after the Easter Holidays a relic of Judas is paraded in the streets and burnt.




I hide behind simple things so you’ll find me;
if you don’t find me, you’ll find the things,
you’ll touch what my hand has touched
our hand-prints will merge.
Yanis Ritsos – Poet

–  Isn’t it a joy, when friends are coming from afar?
Confucius – Philosopher

Nichts ist wertvoller als der heutige Tag.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

These trees cannot be accommodated beneath a lesser sky
Yanis Ritsos – Romiosini

Κυκλαδινό κυκλάμινο
στου βράχου τη σχισμάδα
πού βρήκες χρώματα κι ανθείς
πού μίσχο και σαλεύεις
Yanis Ritsos – Kyklamino

Jamais un pays, sinon la Méditerranée, ne m’a porté à la fois si loin et si près de moi-même.
Albert Camus – auteur