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Giant Aegean Barbounia

Barbounia fish, aka Red Mullets, are well known as fish of very distinctive supreme flavour white-red flesh. Especially those barbounia originating from the Monemvasia nearby waters of the Aegean Sea can be characterised as fish of excellent quality. The red colour of barbounia is evident also in the oil that

Lavraki aka sea bass the Greek recipe

Fish BBQ magic: Smashing simple lavraki grilled in charcoal. Just add salt, pepper and some lemon drops to taste. Accompanied with beetroots, vegetables and French fries.

Transition from warm to hotter weather

Late May and early June is a transitional period sometimes short or longer to get accustomed to summer weather. Of course, the sea and swimming pool temperatures are already pretty elevated for a comfortable swimming exercise.

Spring 2018

Spring is back! The nature shows its majestic colors.

Birds on a cable

Twice a year swallows gather in the nearby of Villa Louisa.  They sit on the utility cables around and they jump to take a fresh bath in the swimming pool. This happened also this year.  During April 2017 dozens of swallows gathered around Villa Louisa and refreshed themselves in the

Odysseus the Fox

Guess who’s coming to diner? Well, in Villa Louisa we have a strange visitor who comes to see us almost every night. He comes, really, searching for his dinner but also to have some company with our other equally friendly guest Blondy the red-hair Cat. So please welcome our Odysseus

Springtime in pictures

The endless cycle of life in Nature.  Springtime is once again in our doorstep. You can feel it, your can admire it and, amazingly, you can smell it everywhere in Nature. Below are some recent pictures (April 2015) shoot in Monemvasia, which show exactly the wonderful feeling of the revitalized Nature.

Butterflies are back

As every Springtime, by mid April 2015 beautiful butterflies appeared in Villa Louisa. Below is the giant butterfly which is about 10 cm. And the normal butterfly which is about 3 cm.

Your daily quiz: Parsec?

Parsec? Is it the Greek organic parsley? Certainly no. Well, it is most unlikely to have heard the word parsec. Unless, of course, if you are an astronomer either amateur or pro. So, what is all about? It’s a measure of distance; suitable for very long distances indeed. You won’t