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Full Moon:  Photograph taken from Villa Louisa


The area inside and around Villa Louisa is offered as an excellent place for Astronomical observation and particularly for Astrophotography.

This is due mainly for two reasons:

  • The sky in Monemvasia is clear most of the time all over the year.  So, you can view a clear night sky whenever you want.
  • Humidity is at a minimum. Therefore, there is normally no problem with camera lenses and telescope mirrors.
  • Villa Louisa is about 7 kilometers far from the new town of Monemvasia so light pollution is poor.

Looking at the night sky, and depending on the season, one can observe very easily many stars and constellations.

Thus, looking straight north-east towards the Aegean Sea in front of Villa Louisa one can see the constellations of Cassiopeia  with its clear M or W shape and Camelopardalis.  A little bit higher at the night sky above Villa Louisa lies the Northern Cross and notably Deneb, the tail of the swan, and the Cygnus Constellation.  During summer, in Zenith, just above Villa Louisa, lies Vega which together with Deneb and Altair form the Summer Triangle.  This is a superb view which is normally very clearly seen.  And, of  course, as we look north-east towards the Aegean Sea, this is is only the one end of the glorious Milky Way, our own galaxy, spanning from the front right sky space above Villa Louisa to its south-eastern backyard.

On the other hand, looking high at the sky and towards west one can see Ursa Minor which, in turn, can help you find Polaris.

Then beginning autumn the Orion Constellation is clearly visible towards the south to south-eastern sky.

For the astrophotographer, taking pictures of the moon from Villa Louisa is particularly convenient because of the very orientation of Villa Louisa. The moon rises from the Aegean Sea in front and right of Villa Louisa (east) and as it slowly moves on the ecliptic path traversing the sky towards west, it is just ready to pose for the enthusiastic photographer.

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